The Great Barrier Reefer

by Bongripper

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MetalDipshit Not many band emerge with a sound this fully formed. An ambitious, massive debut that they would reform and refine for years to come.
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AbsoluteHatred I just turn this on for long drives ...
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Ald1 A causa del brucia culo creatosi dopo l ascolto di dopesmoker i miserabili decidono di replicare le gesta di Cisneros, Pike e Hakius creando una suite ancora più lunga della monolitica traccia di casa sleep.
Quello che ne consegue è un pezzo lungo 79 minuti diviso da 3 parti di 20 min ciascuno in cui il suono cambia molto frequentemente passando dal stoner/doom a momenti di caos noise e drone esplodendo in un finale bello spinto.
Ottimi musicisti e ottimo album!!
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Review from Down To The Last Element Blog

Bongripper are the kind of band where if one actually listens attentively for the duration of one of their records, all the things that initially sound underproduced or monotonous grow and develop into subversively dynamic songwriting elements - this band takes the concept of "building up" a track to the next level. There is no better example of this then on their debut effort, the 79-minute, single track behemoth The Great Barrier Reefer. Those with the patience to sit through a tense, minimal, repetitive but ultimately rewarding introduction will experience the heaviest, trippiest, most inexplicably crushing stoner doom they will ever hear. The fact that these guys remain unsigned and for the most part unknown is criminal, but that's what happens when you only press fifty copies of each record you put out. These guys clearly don't give a fuck, and anyone interesting in any kind of doom, or psychedelic music in general, best strap on their diapers. I'm not kidding, if any band ever achieved the legendary/mythical "brown note", these guys did. Production is raw as fuck, but appropriate and grows on you immensely. Prepare to melt.


released October 2, 2012

Artwork By Mike Miller


all rights reserved


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